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Sockethub is a polyglot (speaking many different protocols and APIs) messaging service for social and other interactive messaging applications. It assists web app developers by providing server-independent, server-side functionality - which gives the application greater autonomy. It can be used as a tool for many different types of applications, large and small.

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latest news

  • 2019.9.26

    Sockethub 3.x

    Sockethub 3.0 has been released and includes a lot of improvements focusing mainly on XMPP and IRC, additionally a ton of internal improvements. Ongoing releases tracked on the Github page.

  • 2017.5.4

    Kosmos group chat client

    Over the past several months, we've been quietly working away at an open-source group chat platform, build upon Sockethub and remoteStorage, and sprinkling of other tools and services. It aims to address the same area as Slack and HipChat, but built in the open, on open protocols (IRC & XMPP) allowing anyone to interface without needing to commit to a solitary platform. Today we met in Berlin and plan for a couple days of hacking and planning for our MVP target which should be coming soon.

    I haven't been announcing every Sockethub release, as they are very frequent and incremental, but be sure to check the github to see the latest activity.

    [ kosmos | |]

  • 2017.1.23

    Hackerbeach V milestones v1.0.4

    While 2016 was a year of mostly maintenance work, 2017 has started off strong. Meeting up with several of the guys at 5apps for Hackerbeach V, we're working toward building an open-source Slack replacement using unhosted technologies Sockethub and remoteStorage. No further details at this time, but we're close to an MVP. In the meantime, I released Sockethub v1.0.4 and activity should increase as we deploy Sockethub for multi-user use.

    [ release v1.0.4 ]

  • 2015.11.2

    Version 1.0.0 released

    A branch which has been worked on for most of 2015 has been merged to the master branch and released as version 1.0.0. Currently only a couple platforms are fully ported over, but the plan is to continue to make incremental improvements. It's more stable and lightweight than the 0.x releases.

    [ release v1.0.0 | CHANGELOG ]

  • 2015.8.11

    The Oblivion Bar @ CCCamp2015

    The team working on Kosmos will have a tent at Chaos Communication Camp 2015. We'll be giving a talk on Kosmos, remoteStorage and Sockethub.

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